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RG Install New Bending Machine

RG Attachments Ltd of England would like to announce the acquisition of a new swivel bending machine.

This new piece of production equipment introduced into the RG workshop, based in Leicester, now means large sheet metal can be formed into a variety of shapes. This task has been previously unachievable for the engineers at RG Attachments. The bending machine is especially useful in the primary stages of TapeFormer production, whereby large metal sheets need to be chopped and formed into smaller, manageable pieces.

The team at RG are proud of their skills and this new purchase will enable a higher quality of TapeFormer to be produced, especially for larger cable sizes. RG have been producing TapeFormers for over 25 years, and this new acquisition is one in a long line of innovations and improvements to the company. It is RG’s mission to pursue all possible initiatives for improving our TapeFormer at every level of the business, from principal production techniques to new customer service programs.

The RG TapeFormer is used by cable manufacturers to fold a variety of insulating material around cable cores before entering the final jacketing stage. They can be used with many insulating tapes including Mylar, paper and metalised foils and can insulate a wide range of cables including LAN, power, telephone, communication and automotive cable. The TapeFormer is positioned just before the extruder head and guarantees precision folds. With an extensive selection of models and folding profiles the TapeFormer is manufactured to your exact requirements. RG quote all your TapeFormer needs for free, with an experienced team of technicians on hand to give quick solutions to your cable dilemmas.


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