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RG Attachments Ltd plan to expand their TapeFormer production.

Since RG Attachments Ltd showcased their TapeFormer manufacturing expertise at the Wire Düsseldorf show in 2004, their TapeFormer production has gone from strength to strength.

Since the show several large cable manufacturers across Europe have since purchased TapeFormers from RG, which are manufactured to the customers.

Individual requirements. Now RG, with a building reputation in the industry as excellent manufacturers with excellent customer service, are now planning to expand into the American cable market. With a committed marketing plan being adopted in an attempt to expand the TapeFormer manufacturing, RG Attachments will be looking to secure TapeFormer orders across the America’s, and with significant orders already being gained from cable plants in the South American regions, it seems more and more cable manufacturers are realising the usefulness of RG’s expertly manufactured TapeFormers.

RG’s TapeFormers can be used by communication, power, automotive and coaxial cable producers around the world and the new profile ‘G’ TapeFormer is becoming increasingly popular as it interlocks the tape around the core making it especially useful when producing fire retardant cables. With this increase in TapeFormer production RG director Robert Gent has said “the TapeFormer growth since the Düsseldorf show in 2004 has been incredible, and we do not want to loose this momentum. In order for production to keep growing we need to continually look for new markets as well as providing our current customers with a service which exceeds their expectations every time they place an order with us”.


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