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RG Attachments Ltd plan to expand their TapeFormer production.

RG Attachments Ltd is based in Leicester which is located at the centre of England.

The company operates from a specially designed factory which is purpose built for the manufacture of TapeFormers which are used in the shielding of cable cores.

In response to new industry safety standards for cable manufacturers comes RG Attachments profile G TapeFormer. With emphasis on fire performance of cables outlined by the CPD Euroclasses (Construction Products Directive) RG have developed a new TapeFormer which gives the cable an interlocking casing which is especially useful when producing fire retardant cables. This innovation is an example of RG’s continuing drive to provide cable manufacturers worldwide with the most efficient, effective and functional TapeFormers which suit every customer’s specific needs.

RG has over 15 years experience in the field of manufacturing TapeFormers. TapeFormers can be used with Mylar, paper or metalised foils and should appeal to manufacturers of LAN and all communication cables, in addition our TapeFormers can be used in shielding automotive cables. Our formers can run at line speeds of 200mph/min and are manufactured to your individual specifications so you get the best performance. As we manufacture to your individual needs RG’s TapeFormers can be manufactured to work on almost all cable machinery and all TapeFormers produced are kept in our database so if you need a repeat order we can access the drawing at the click of a button.

RG Attachments has already supplied the likes of Nexans, Belden and Pirelli with TapeFormers and with the new directives from the EU and similar legislation being introduced in Asia and the America’s, RG’s TapeFormers will become a must for cable manufacturers worldwide!


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