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Frequently Asked Questions

All TapeFormers are manufactured on confirmation of order; we do not hold stock of TapeFormers. It is important that you check your specification/s prior to placing the order as we do not issue credit for items incorrectly ordered.

All our products are manufactured to a high standard and we are totally dedicated to supplying you our customer the solution to your tape forming requirements.

For your peace of mind we offer the following guarantee: Our Six Month Guarantee: We guarantee that if any TapeFormer we supply does not operate and form just as you require we will make alterations or replace it to your total satisfaction, giving you the confidence to buy from us.

Q: Do we have any agent’s abroad?
A: Yes we have a number of agents around the world. Currently we have them in Japan, Germany, USA, South Korea, Thailand, and South Africa. Please contact us for their details.

Q: What is the smallest TapeFormer that we can manufacture?
A: The smallest TapeFormer we can manufacture is with a 5mm Tape width and 1mm diameter cable core.

Q: What is the largest TapeFormer we can manufacture?
A: The largest TapeFormer in our standard range is 480mm tape width.

NB: Sizes above standard will be considered. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can TapeFormers be manufactured with separate guides e.g. to guide a draw wire?
A: Yes please provide details.

Q: Can I have different mounting positions from standard TapeFormers?
A: Yes please provide details.

Q: Can more than one tape be applied to a cable on the same line?
A: Yes we can piggy back TapeFormers so more than one tape can be applied please ask for details.

Q: What do the prices on the website refer to?
A: The prices on the website apply to standard TapeFormers using profile A they do not include postage and packaging.


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