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Replacement PTFE Inserts

Replacement PTFE Inserts

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How it Works:

The PTFE insert provides a very low friction barrier between the tape passing through the TapeFormer and the stainless steel of the Tape Former.

Available on all TapeFormers. These TapeFormers are manufactured with more clearance to accept the PTFE insert.

Most effective on tape thickness 0.2mm and thicker.

Useful when the tape is used metal facing outwards.

Benefits include:

Greatly reduced friction of the tape passing through the TapeFormer.

When using metalised tape scoring is prevented because there is no longer a metal to metal contact.

Because the insert is replaceable once the PTFE is worn out simply replace with a new one.

Reduced breakages of the tape due to friction.
Watch the following clip giving instructions for replacing the PTFE Inserts.

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